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Reception Areas

You’ll only ever have one opportunity to make a first impression.

Variations on this saying, however cliché, are certainly true. The real question now is whether or not you’ve ever considered the type of first impression your reception area is making on your clients and potential business partners. The way you look and act certainly has a significant impact on the way you will be perceived in business but the sad truth is that your reception area, where your clients will first get to know you as they wait for your arrival, is just as important.

Optical shopfittingThe way your clients and investors feel as they sit in your waiting area will have a huge impact on the overall success of your business. If it’s sloppy, crammed, or dirty your clients will think the same of you and the way you conduct business. If your reception area is well-designed, vibrant, and inviting your clients will be more likely to do business with you, expecting stylized service to match what they’ve seen thus far. The state of your reception area will have a huge impact not only on your clients but on your staff as well – either inspiring or depressing your workers as they pass through each morning.

When designing the layout for an office, most people put the reception area on the back burner. This mistake can have dire consequences. You should think of your reception area just as you would the front door of your home – as a gateway to your future - warm, inviting, and professional all at the same time.

At A1 Shopfitters we specialise in helping businesses like yours turn their reception areas into modern day calling cards. From the floor layout to the furnishings, lighting, and décor - we’ll help you turn the area surrounding your reception desk into a space you can be proud of!

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